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  • Metro Mobility Consults:

    with other businesses which are looking to outsource their transportation needs. MMTACS provides transportation for all the needs of their clients. By providing these businesses with additional resources for their clients, Metro Mobility is set apart from our competitors who don’t provide this type of service, which gives MMTACS a major competitive advantage.

  • Metro Mobility Transportation and Consulting Services, LLC:

    strives to be a premier service for all their patients and clients throughout the Southeast Michigan area, by providing timely, comfortable and pleasurable travel while bringing reassurance to the passengers as well their families that their loved ones are in good hands.

    Metro Mobility staff will personally visit various hospitals, clinics, insurance agencies and physical therapy and dialysis centers to raise awareness about their existence.

  • Metro Mobility Transportation and Consulting Services, LLC:

    was founded because of the owner's health challenges. A few years back he was put on dialysis treatment three times a week. He had to make arrangements to acquire transportation.

    During the course his treatment he noticed how limited and poorly managed the transportation was for most of his peers attending the treatment center. He decided he could make a world of difference to the people who relied on unreliable transportation.

  • Metro Mobility Transportation and Consulting Services, LLC (MMTACS)

    We will launch a new consulting service to elite athletes and/or business persons who want to be discrete, yet responsible in their social activities.

    In hiring Metro Mobility they can reduce their legal troubles and have all the fun they want. These clients must be courted and carefully selected. They must be persuaded to see that they can’t afford not to utilize the services which Metro Mobility offers.

  • Metro Mobility always provides:

    non-smoking vehicles which includes: SUV's, a wheelchair lift, 16-passenger vans as well as various luxury vehicles.

    Our vehicles are guaranteed to be:
    ** Thoroughly cleaned
    ** Fully licensed and insured
    ** Properly maintained by certified mechanics

    All of which include our courteous and safe drivers for the ultimate transportation experience.


We strive to take care of you and the ones you love.

Metro Mobility has a great staff

which works well together. Just like an efficient team when assigned a big task or assignment.

Tom Bruff the transportation engineer at SEMCOG states

“Any type of service that promotes safe and sober transportation is a very good service, especially given the number of people who die because others failed to make responsible choices.

With locations in West Bloomfield, Farmington and Detroit

Metro Mobility is flexible in meeting the transportation needs of clients. For information, call 313-341-1400.